My Support 
for Community Vitality 

Neighborhood vitality

I have lived in Issaquah for more than 20 years and one thing stands out – all of our neighbors want the same thing – a place that is safe, convenient to get to, and sparks the emotion of pride and sense of belonging to a community.

As a Council member, I want to see Issaquah earn the description of being home to inclusive opportunities, cultural art attractions, and a vibrant business community with charming dining, shopping and a host of outdoor recreation experiences for the whole family. A community that is safe, healthy and an economically sound place for families to live, work and play.



Traffic calls for comprehensive transportation solutions. These issues cannot be separated from housing growth, aging road infrastructures and pass-through traffic. Solutions require both local and regional governing bodies working together. Now retired from my 35+year career as VP, Chief Compliance Officer where I worked with state regulators on consumer protection issues, I will actively support transportation plans for regional as well as local solutions.



We can plan for growth to co-exist while still preserving the charm of Old Town, Front Street and surrounding neighborhoods. Unmanaged growth compounds traffic and can threaten the viability of our small businesses. I will take on the bold and brave decisions needed to plan new growth in designated areas while preserving the charm of our town ambiance.

Independent Small Business 

One of the crown jewels of Issaquah is our unique independent small businesses. Issaquah can be a location that compels people to come to dine, shop and gather. It’s a place for the arts, unique retail, pubs, dining, museum, festivals, outdoor recreation, and more. I will continue to be an advocate for the small businesses that add to the ambiance of a vibrant community



Issaquah is situated in a unique setting nestled at the foot of the “Issaquah Alps” and Lake Sammamish. Protecting open spaces, wildlife corridors, trails and parks takes a firm stand. Once gone, there is no easy way back. I will hold firm on protecting public open spaces and support our City’s oversight on projects to ensure environmental protection standards are upheld. 



We all have busy lives and need to trust that our elected officials will act in support of the issues we value. Active community involvement and transparency is key to trust. I will ask the tough questions and actively listen to community input to support actions. I appreciate your vote! 


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